The Sports Force joins Fields Inc. to offer a single source for sports park development

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September 22, 2014

The Sports Force, a sports park pre-construction consultancy and design firm, has joined the ranks of Sports Fields, Incorporated, the parent company of the nationally recognized sports park construction firm Fields Inc.

Recognizing the need to provide current and future clients with a completely integrated project solution, Fields Inc. established this organization to address every conceivable aspect of the process for organizations and institutions considering and potentially developing a sports park.

Fields Inc. acquired Ripken Sports (and its predecessor, Ripken Design) in 2014 and renamed it The Sports Force as a result of its significantly more comprehensive offering within the sports park marketplace. While no longer connected to the Ripken organization, The Sports Force comprises an extensive list of sports business professionals with experience in all facets of the development and pre-construction phases of the business, including:

  • Feasibility and economic impact studies
  • Master planning
  • Financing alternatives (public and private)
  • Concepting and design
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Land use management
  • Operational considerations
  • Sports technology applications
  • Sustainability/environmental issues management
  • Project management

The company has been recognized by numerous organizations for providing solutions that involve every aspect of identifying, validating and designing sports parks, from single fields to entire sports complexes, and from simple field design to comprehensive site projects that, in addition to a variety of sports fields, incorporate supporting parks buildings and structures and associated third-party development opportunities (hotels, retail, housing, etc.).

When coupled with Fields Inc., The Sports Force is able to offer a total end-to-end solution, from concept to construction to operations and maintenance.

The Sports Force is fast becoming a client’s single source for every phase of a park’s project, maximizing return on investment by providing a realistic timeline to achieve the project’s development and pre-construction phases and ensuring that every element of the project has been included to meet client expectations.

adminThe Sports Force joins Fields Inc. to offer a single source for sports park development