MAA is the Beneficiary of a $20,000 Softball Field Make Over

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MAA is the beneficiary of a $20,000 Softball field make over thanks to one of our MAA families.

MAA is excited to announce that Heather Hadry proud mom of Giselle a softball player entered the Chevrolet and Scotts Diamonds and Dreams contest this year and won the grand prize. Heather decided to request the field makeover be with MAA for the Softball program.

MAA has been working with Ripken Design to get all the details finalized and now work has begun. The field will be ready on Friday!! This is great for our Softball program that has had been faced with field shortages due to weather impacting the infield.

The field that is receiving the make over work is the County field located up on the hill on the corner of Woodbourne Rd and Trenton Rd. The make over will clear the infield and provide a true softball dirt infield. The dirt grade is high to avoid the costs of erosion and the need to purchase more dirt as frequently as we have needed to on the other softball fields. Breakaway bases will be installed and the field will be measured and adjusted for true Little League regulations. Edges where the dirt infield meets the grass will be addressed as well as the grass area will be improved.

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adminMAA is the Beneficiary of a $20,000 Softball Field Make Over