Welcome to The Sports Force

The Sports Force is an industry leader in sports complex planning, design, construction and management. Our professional staff has provided a full-service solution for the most sought-after sports complexes in the country. We specialize in providing public and private clients with a seamless process that results in projects that are specifically planned and built for long-term success, while being delivered on time and on budget.

As a part of the Sports Fields Incorporated family, The Sports Force offers clients the following services:

Feasibility Services

Engineering / Architecture

Sports Complex Development

Operational Placement

Master Planning

Sports Complex Design

Sports Complex Construction


Why is The Sports Force Different?

The Sports Force offers our clients a unique, one-stop shop for all sports complex projects. From feasibility and planning through design, construction, and ultimately operations and maintenance, The Sports Force works with private and public groups to achieve their vision regardless of project type or size, from start to finish. This approach ensures that a project is properly planned, built, operated and maintained, in order to provide projects with the best opportunity for long-term success.

Our Value Proposition.

The Sports Force is built to provide organizations like yours with a totally new concept in sports: the ability to provide everything that’s needed to create an entire sports complex, from single discipline applications to comprehensive end-to-end solutions. We start with the basics and we finish with the project completion.

Quite literally, we’ve succeeded in creating sports parks of distinction in whatever context one can describe the word…Distinction. And in the process, we’ve eliminated the guesswork and the pain and suffering of wondering if your vision is truly the right plan, if it will work and if it will sustain itself over time.

Unique, groundbreaking facilities that stand the test of time through innovation and sustainability.